Learn more about delivery methods, times, shipping costs and return policies on Zegna.com. 

Standard shipping 6 working days


Expedited shipping 3-4 working days


Pick Up in Store within 20 calendar days


Returns within 30 calendar days


Shipping Information

We will ship the product(s) in your order via DHL® courier to your delivery address in Germany. The courier will require a signature from you (or an adult authorized by you) upon receipt of the products. Please note that we will not deliver products to PO boxes, and we will only deliver on normal working days/hours (not on weekends or public holidays).

The courier will make two (2) attempts to deliver the package and obtain a signature. The frequency is two (2) attempts on consecutive days. After the 2nd attempt we will take the package to the DHL® customer counter. A sticker will be left informing you that the package must be collected from the customer counter within seven (7) days or the package will be returned to us and we will process the return. If this occurs, we will notify you and this shall be treated as a free return of your order. We shall provide you with a refund for the products. Otherwise, you can organize a third delivery attempt by contacting DHL® directly, following the instructions on the sticker.

You may check the progress of your order by following the link in your confirmation email or by going to the ORDER HISTORY section in the MY ACCOUNT area of our website, where you will be automatically redirected to the DHL website.

In-store Collections


Complimentary delivery in case of in-store collection.

You may choose to collect the products in your order from one of our stores located in Germany (as specified in your order and confirmed in our order confirmation email) during the store's normal opening hours.

We do not charge you for delivery if you choose to collect the products from one of our stores.

If you are collecting the products in person, you will need to show the store a copy of your order confirmation email and a valid identification document (i.e. your unexpired passport or driver’s license).

If you have authorized another person to collect the products on your behalf, this person will need to present:

  • a copy of your order confirmation email;
  • a copy of your valid identification document (i.e. a copy of your unexpired passport or driver’s license);
  • the authorized person's valid identification document; and
  • a simple letter of authorization from you, stating that you authorize that person to collect the products on your behalf.

We will hold your products at the store for twenty (20) calendar days. If the products are not collected within twenty (20) calendar days, the store will return the products to us and we will notify you. If this occurs, it shall be treated as a free return of your order and we shall provide you with a refund for the products.

Please note that in cases of in-store collection orders, the store will not deliver or arrange delivery to a different or additional address. Accordingly, the product shall be collected at the store only.

Please find below a list of the stores from which you can pick up your order:

Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique
Konigsallee 68, 40212 – Dusseldorf [DE]

Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique 
Goethestrasse, 34, 60547 – Frankfurt [DE]

Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique
Neuer Wall, 44, 20354 – Hamburg [DE]

Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique
Maximilianstrasse 25, 80539 – Munich [DE]


Place your order by the 13th of December if you want to make sure it arrives before wrapping day (December 24).

With expedited shipping, place your order by the 16th of December and Zegna guarantees delivery by Christmas Eve.