The products marketed on the website (hereinafter, the “Website”) are sold and invoiced by Ermenegildo Zegna Canada Inc. (hereinafter, “Zegna Canada” or “Zegna” or the “Seller”) a company having its registered office in 160 Pears Avenue #201, Toronto, Ontario, Canada registered withTaxpayer Identification Number 864830567.

For any information on purchase orders, deliveries and, more in general, purchases, please contact Zegna customer care at the following addresses:

1. Acceptance of the general conditions of sale and closing

1.1 ZEGNA CANADA offers for sale on the Website the products to end consumers, namely, to persons who buy them for reasons unrelated to the activities, if any, carried by said persons for business, entrepreneurial or professional purposes (“Customer”). ZEGNA CANADA reserves therefore the right not to process orders placed by persons other than the "consumer" or, in any case, orders that are not consistent with its business policy.

1.2 The agreement executed between ZEGNA CANADA and Customer shall be deemed consummated upon acceptance of the order, including partial acceptance, by ZEGNA. If the order is not accepted by ZEGNA, ZEGNA shall immediately inform Customer thereof.

1.3 By placing an order in accordance with the envisaged modalities, and with the order form made available on the Website (hereinafter, the "Order"), Customer declares that it has read and understood all of the indications given during the purchase procedure, and that it accepts, in full, these general conditions (hereinafter, the "Conditions").

1.4 These Conditions may be printed or stored on permanent storage devices, in accordance with the applicable legislation currently in force.

2. How to buy the products

2.1 The products offered for sale by ZEGNA are only and exclusively the ones displayed on the Website when the Order is placed, as described in the relevant product information sheet.

It remains in any case understood that, since the images included in the product information sheet are provided for information purposes only and may not be representative of all of the specifications of the product, colours and sizes may differ on account of the differences in screens and systems used by customers for accessing the Website.

2.2 Customer can place an order by duly filling-in the order form made available on the Website and sending it in accordance with the indications provided in the Website, after having carefully reviewed these Conditions, the product specifications, the relevant price (inclusive of all applicable taxes and charges), shipping costs (including the ancillary costs that may be incurred in case a shipping and delivery method quicker and/or different from the standard one is chosen) and other applicable charges.

2.3 ZEGNA shall confirm that the Order has been properly received by sending an email message to the address notified by Customer. The email shall contain a short description of the conditions of purchase, as provided for by the applicable legislation, as well as the information entered by Customer into the Order form, to enable him/her double check such information and, if necessary, immediately report incorrect data, if any. The sales contract between ZEGNA and Customer will only be formed when ZEGNA sends this confirmation, and will only relate to those products identified in the confirmation.

3. Price and Terms of payment

3.1 The prices indicated on the Website are not inclusive of taxes and VAT (USA and Canada Sales tax are added at the moment of the sale). Customer shall be informed in advance of shipping costs or fees, if any, through the Website.

3.2 It is possible that, despite ZEGNA’s efforts, some prices indicated on the Website may be incorrect. ZEGNA reserves the right to reject or cancel any orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price, whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card or debit card charged, and ZEGNA does not have to provide the products to you. If your credit card or debit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, ZEGNA will promptly issue a credit to your credit card or debit card account in the amount of the charge.

3.3 The payments can be made only through credit card and the transaction will be processed through a secure server selected by ZEGNA.

3.4 Under no circumstances and at no stage of the payment process will the details of the credit card of Customer be disclosed to ZEGNA because such details will be directly sent, in a secure manner, to the website of the financial institution in charge of the transaction. Since none of such data will be stored in ZEGNA’s files, ZEGNA will not be liable for fraudulent and unlawful uses, if any, made by third parties of the Customer’s credit card during the payment procedure.

4. Delivery of the products and relevant expenses

4.1 ZEGNA, its suppliers and its logistics service providers shall deliver the products purchased by Customer at the address and on the date indicated by the latter in the Order, at the cost specifically indicated in the Website before the Order is dispatched. ZEGNA reserves the right to accept or refuse any request for deliveries to be made outside the Canadian territory. The delivery times indicated by ZEGNA are purely indicative. Any delay on such times, or partial deliveries of the product, shall not entitle Customer to reject the product and claim compensations or indemnities.

4.2 Upon delivery of the products, Customer shall make sure that:

4.2.1 the number of items delivered corresponds to the number indicated in the bill of parcels.

4.2.2 the packaging is intact, not damaged or wet, and, in any case, unaltered, including the sealing material (sellotape or metal strapping seals).

4.3 Any damage detected in the packaging and/or the product, and any discrepancy found in the number of items or in the indications contained in the bill of parcels, shall be immediately reported in the bill of parcel to be returned to the courier.

4.4 Any problem concerning the integrity of the products received, their number and completeness must be reported within 7 days from the relevant delivery, in accordance with the modalities set forth in this document.

5. Right of cancellation

5.1 Customer has the right to cancel a purchase contract within certain periods if ZEGNA does not comply with the applicable consumer protection legislation of Canada.

5.2 To exercise the cancellation right, Customer must notify ZEGNA of the decision to withdraw from the purchase contract by an unequivocal statement within the applicable cancellation period. Customer must send this notification to ZEGNA either by email to or by post to Ermenegildo Zegna Canada Inc.,160 Pears Avenue #201, Toronto, Ontario, addressed to the attention of Commercial Department.

5.3 Once ZEGNA receives Customer’s proper notification, ZEGNA will contact Customer by email with the relevant information on where to send the products being returned.

5.4 Customer must send back the products unused and unopened and in the same condition as delivered, with the appropriate purchasing documentation, without undue delay, and in any event not later than 30 (thirty) days from the later of (i) the day on which Customer notifies ZEGNA of the cancellation of the purchase contract or (ii) the day the products were delivered to Customer.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1 In addition to Customer’s cancellation rights under applicable laws described in the previous section, Customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason, without penalty and without the need to give any explanation, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery of the products.

6.2 Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal set forth in art. 6.1 above, by filling in the blanks the specific form made available in the packaging of the product to be given back (the "Return Form ").

6.3 In the event of withdrawal, Customer shall dispatch the goods back to ZEGNA within 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery following, at his/her discretion, one of the following modalities:

6.3.1 Send the product/s to be given back to one of the ZEGNA distribution center/warehouse referred to in the Return Form by means of the courier indicated by ZEGNA in the Return Form (such means of redelivery is on the Seller's exclusive cost);

6.3.2 Send of the product/s to be given back to one of the ZEGNA distribution center/warehouse expressly referred to in the Return Form by means of the courier chosen by the Customer (in such event, the costs for the redelivery will be on the Customer's exclusive account);

6.4 The product must be given back along with the original packaging (including the packaging materials and the documents, if any, accessories, labels, tags, seals, etc.) and it is to be carefully stored and used only for the time strictly necessary to verify its nature, specifications and size, and must show no signs of wear or dirt, as indicated below:

  • The transit of the product/s, until the Customer receives confirmation that the product has been properly returned and delivered to the ZEGNA distribution center/warehouse, shall be at the Client's exclusive responsibility for the cases indicated under point 6.3.2. Therefore, if the product has been damaged during transit, ZEGNA shall inform Customer thereof in order to enable the latter to promptly send the relevant complaint to the courier and claim a refund; the product will be made available to Customer and the withdrawal notice will be cancelled;
  • ZEGNA accepts no responsibility for products damaged, stolen or lost while in transit, or, in any case, in relation to their shipping, whenever the shipping back to ZEGNA is processed according to one of the modalities indicated under point 6.3.2.

6.5 ZEGNA shall refund to Customer the whole amount already paid by the latter, including standard shipping costs that the same may have incurred in relation to the returned products (exclusive of any additional cost incurred as a result of a different and/or quicker typology of shipping and delivery) within 14 (fourteen) days from the date from the date the product is returned to ZEGNA, the amount initially charged to Customer will be written-off using the same means of payment used by Customer in the initial transaction. In any case, no amount shall be charged to Customer in relation to the refund. ZEGNA may withhold the refund until the returned product is properly received by ZEGNA or until Customer demonstrates that the product has been correctly returned, whichever is earlier.

6.5 ZEGNA rembourse au Client la totalité du montant déjà payé par ce dernier, y compris les frais de livraison standard que le Client peut avoir encourus en lien avec les produits retournés (à l’exclusion de tout frais supplémentaire encouru du fait d’un mode d’expédition et de livraison différent et/ou plus rapide) dans un délai de 14 (quatorze) jours à compter de la date de réception du produit retourné. Le montant initialement facturé au Client sera remboursé avec le même mode de paiement qui avait été utilisé pour la transaction originale. Dans tous les cas, aucun montant n’est facturé au Client en lien avec le remboursement. ZEGNA peut s’abstenir de procéder au remboursement jusqu’à ce que le produit retourné soit correctement reçu par ZEGNA ou jusqu’à ce que le Client prouve que le produit a été correctement retourné, selon le cas le plus précoce.

6.6 Once the products are received, ZEGNA will check them in order to verify that they are consistent with the terms and conditions set forth in this clause and, should the results of such verification be negative, it shall inform Customer by email that the value of the returned products is reduced due to Customer’s failure to comply with the conditions mentioned above. By the same mail, ZEGNA shall also notify the amount that it will deduct from the amount to be refunded, unless Customer elects to have, at its own expense, the products sent back to him/her in the same conditions in which they were returned to ZEGNA.

6.7 In the event that the right of withdrawal is forfeited, ZEGNA shall send back to Customer the purchased product, charging the latter with the relevant shipping costs and, if already refunded, the price of the product.

7. Warranties

7.1 All products sold by ZEGNA are covered by a 24 (twenty-four) month guarantee for lack of conformity. To benefit from the guarantee, Customer must keep the relevant invoice, or receipt of payment, together with the bill of parcels.

7.2 The warranty for lack of conformity will be applicable only if the product has been used correctly, in compliance with its intended purpose and in accordance with the use and washing instructions contained in and/or furnished with the product.

7.3 In the event that ZEGNA is unable, for any reason, to return the guaranteed product (restored or replaced), or if the restoration or replacement proves to be too burdensome also in consideration of the value of the product, ZEGNA may adequately reduce the paid price or make a full refund, and the agreement will be terminated.

7.4 If a product return is envisaged in the warranty, Customer will return the product with all its parts (including documents and accessories).

8. Claims and queries

8.1 Any claim or question can be sent to ZEGNA email address

9. Privacy

9.1 Any personal data collected when an Order is placed shall be processed by ZEGNA for the sole purpose of satisfying Customer’s express requests, and otherwise in compliance with the legislation applicable to privacy and with the Privacy Policy available on the Website. Other processing, if any, of such data shall be carried out only with Customer’s express consent or as otherwise required or permitted by law.

10. Applicable Law

10.1 The sale agreement under these Conditions and its performance are governed by Canadian Law, without giving effect to the conflicts of law provisions thereof or the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Any dispute that may arise out of or in relation to the agreement shall be submitted to the competent court of the place where Customer resides.