The exclusive Outdoor Capsule has been designed with the mountain activities and the world of winter sports in mind, by keeping individuality and freedom of thinking as a goal. 

By involving external partners into unexpected collaborations on specific products, Zegna seamlessly expands the concept of Luxury Leisurewear to technical apparel, marking it with its new, dynamic signifier and logo.  

The capsule is a modular system that includes puffers, jumpers, technical trousers and underpinnings, and then caps and helmets but also skis and water bottles encompassing a complete wardrobe for outdoor living.   

Always in pursuit of excellence, four product categories have also been explored and designed together with outstanding external partners:  Zegna with La Sportiva, Zegna with Zai,  Zegna with Sigg and Zegna with KASK.  

The Zegna road runs many miles, pointing towards movement and freedom.  

Where can I find more information on KASK products?

KASK is based in Italy and specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality. In every field of application KASK helmets are at the forefront, be it skiing, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, rescue or safety world. To find more about the brand:

Where are KASK helmets produced?

All KASK products are 100% made in Italy and passed through the most rigorous safety and quality tests of the KASK’s distinctive CSD Project – Comfort, Safety, Design. All KASK’s exclusive designs and product features implemented in the helmet collections are absolutely innovative, proprietary and protected by numerous patents. KASK does not compromise when it comes to quality and safety.

What kind of certifications does the helmet come with?

CE EN 1078  - CPSC 1203  - AS/NZS 2063

When should I replace my helmet?

The helmet’s life depends on various factors which cause deterioration, including sudden temperature changes, the degree to which it is exposed to sunlight, and the intensity of use. Inspect the helmet regularly to check for any damage. After any violent impact, even if no damage is visible, the helmet should be replaced because its capacity to absorb further impact could be impaired. Cracks, detached parts, warping, flaking and changes in color are significant elements for verifying the helmet’s state of deterioration; in any case, we advise replacing it after approximately 3 years from the original date of purchase.  The manufacturing date is shown inside of the helmet.

How do I choose the right size helmet?

Tips for choosing a helmet: 

  1. The first thing to do is to wear the helmet for a few minutes, to see if it fits well or if it causes pain in any particular place.
  2. Once it has been put on, simulate movement to test its comfort.
  3. The helmet, once secured, must be comfortable, but it should not move.
  4. When fastened the strap and buckle must prevent movement of the neck.
  5. Always check safety and comfort and choose the model you like best!

The size of the KASK helmets corresponds to the circumference of your head. You can use a tape measure positioning it just above the ears, and taking note of the measurement in centimetres.

Can I wash the interior of my helmet?

To ensure the best comfort and hygiene, the padding is easily removable and washable. The pads are also sold separately as accessories. Product Care:

How long is the warranty of the KASK helmet?

SPORT KASK guarantees the product for 2 years from the date of purchase for defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty excludes defects due to normal wear and tear, modifications, incorrect storage, improper maintenance or use other than that for which the device has been certified.

What crampons is it recommended for the shoes?

La Sportiva does not produce technical equipment and tools, therefore we cannot suggest a specific brand or specific products to be used with our footwear. Technical products are constantly evolving and improving, so we advise you to purchase technical material after having informed yourself and having tested its compatibility at your trusted dealer. 

Is the liner thermoformable?

Generally yes, La Sportiva still recommends that you go to your trusted dealer in order to perform this operation in the best possible way.

What waterproofing product does La Sportiva recommend to apply on boots?

As a general waterproofing we recommend Nikwax Aqueous Wax, since it offers excellent performance. Reapply this product as needed or after each use in extreme conditions.

Where is the footwear produced?

The production sites of La Sportiva for the various product categories are located in Val di Fiemme, Veneto, Romania and China.

At what altitude can the boots be used?

The warmth of a boot is one of the factors impossible to measure due to the fact that there is a subjective component of resistance to low temperatures and the field of use is particularly delicate. Generally over 5000 meters, for most people a double construction shoe is required (shell + inner -> double construction models are marked on the product sheets). As for the lower altitudes (up to 5000) the choice of footwear must be oriented according to the season and the climatic conditions of the moment.

What is the durability of a shoe?

La Sportiva products are designed to guarantee maximum durability. The duration factor is closely linked to:

Terms of use: mechanical factors of use (for example, friction with the other parts of the shoe with which they come into contact).

Foot shape: there is therefore no universal indicator that allows measuring the durability of a shoe.

Where can I send my shoes to be resoled or repaired?

La Sportiva provides a list of authorized resolers that you can contact for this service:

Where can I find more information about product warranty and care?

All La Sportiva® products are covered by a guarantee. For more information on product warranty, care and maintenance, click here:

Do ZAI products come with a ski tag?

This safety binding and must be adjusted by a certified dealer before usage. Official ZAI dealers offer this service free of charge to ZEGNA’s customers. Given the product’s unique nature, for proper maintenance and additional information, please consult with a certified dealer. Zegna rejects all liability for damages arising from improper care, maintenance or usage.

Are the poles included?

The high-quality ZAI ski poles are delivered with all ski models. They are made of light carbon and are adjustable, matching your personal length preference.

What about bindings?

ZAI ski bindings PRD 12 are made exclusively for ZAI by Tyrolia.  Release value of bindings to be set according to customer by certified sports dealer.

Does ZAI provide services?

Yes, ZAI ski service means that they look after your ski with heart and hand even though skis are consumer products, they intend to manufacture them for eternity. 
ZAI skis should be brought to the ZAI retailer at least once a season for a professional service. Ideally, the ski edges should only be resharpened by a official ZAI dealer. 
Service costs to be paid by end client.

How do I care for my ZAI skis?

Transport your skis in the ZAI ski bag. Fix skis while transporting with the ZAI ski strap, so that the edges do not scratch on the base material. 
Pull assembled skis only apart with an upwards pull, never diagonally after using and before storing them: wipe the snow from the ski and if possible dry with a towel. Attention: Do not knock the snow off by hitting the the skis on the ground! 
Remove damp ski from ski bag after transport and rub dry, so that the edges do not rust - use hot waxing on skis. This makes the base faster and more durable. Keep freshly waxed skis in a cool, dry place for the summer. 

Do ZAI skis come with warranty?

Should your product suffer damage after the guarantee period of 2 years, we will make a plan for the repairs together.

What is the bottle made of?

The Original Bottle is made in Switzerland. The material is free from harmful chemicals, such as BPA, oestrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates.  

We use a highly elastic inner coating throughout the bottle. The inner coating is resistant to fruit acids and ensures a natural taste of the beverage. Likewise, the body of the bottle does not absorb odours and can therefore be used for many years.  The bottle is lightweight and made of high-quality, recyclable aluminium. The aluminum bottle is made from a single piece of aluminium, and thus particularly light and robust which results in an excellent weight-to-strength ratio. Consequently, there is no welding seams on the bottle body which makes it almost indestructible and ensures no dirt traps. 

The SIGG aluminum drinking bottle contains a rounded safety thread ring, which protects mouth and tongue while drinking. The thread is coated to guarantee a neutral taste of the beverage. In combination with the lid, the bottle is absolutely leak-proof. In our aluminium production in Switzerland, 99% of waste is being recycled.