Official Real Madrid travelwear collection designed by Zegna
Real Madrid Exclusive Partnership

Every King Needs a Tailor

ZEGNA and Real Madrid are proud to announce a unique partnership in which ZEGNA will become Real Madrid’s Official Luxury Travelwear Partner. Following Our Road towards new frontiers in leadership and style, the menswear brand and the football club have come together to share common values and ambition to overcome limits and to have a positive impact on both society and the environment.


Entering a new chapter together, ZEGNA and Real Madrid share their history of excellence with an ethical stance, as they continue along a common road that stretches back more than a century.  ZEGNA has partnered with Real Madrid to envision new Luxury Travelwear, featuring the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker and our modern style codes such as the double-stripe brand mark inspired by Our Road in Oasi Zegna.