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Extended Cookie Policy

This is the extended policy for the cookies installed on the website (hereinafter also referred to as, the “Website”).


A cookie is a small amount of data which, as an anonymous unique identifier, is sent to your browser from a web server and then stored on the hard drive of your PC, smartphone and/or tablet. Cookies may be used to enable you to correctly use a website (the so-called technical cookies), and to verify your preferences tracked during your browsing experience, in order to deliver personalized advertisements (the so-called profiling cookies).

Cookies may be permanently stored on your PC and remain there for a variable period of time (the so-called persistent cookies) or disappear when you close your browser or have a limited duration (the so-called session cookies).


A list of the cookies used by the Website is provided below.

Browsing cookies

These cookies enable the Website to function correctly and allow you to view it in your language and for your market from the very first time you access it. They will recognise the country from which you are accessing the Website so that on any subsequent of your visits you are automatically directed to the relevant country website. They also allow you to create an account, log in and manage your orders. If you are a registered user, thanks to these cookies you will be recognised as such when you access the services offered to our registered users. These cookies will recognise you if you make a purchase from the Website through an affiliate or partner site so that we can fulfil any obligations we may have towards those partner sites. These cookies are necessary for the website to function.

Functional cookies

These cookies enable the Website to recognise you, at your express request (by clicking, for instance, on the “remember me” button), every time you access the Website, so that you don’t have to type in your login details each time. If you have added items to your Shopping Bag and closed your session without removing such items, these cookies enable you to continue your shopping the next time you visit the Website (within a reasonable period of time). These cookies are not essential for the website to function, but they improve the quality of your browsing experience.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used by companies like Google Analytics to carry out statistical analysis of how users use the Website through their computers or via our mobile applications, how many pages a user has visited or the number of mouse clicks made on a page while using the Website. The results of these analysis are processed in an anonymous way and for statistics purposes only provided that the service provider uses the cookies in connection with the browser installed on your computer or other device used to browse the Website.

Third party cookies for marketing/retargeting purposes

Such cookies are used by trusted Data Processors, that make it possible to display banner ads on other affiliate sites, showing the products that you have recently viewed. While you browse the Website, these cookies are also used to display other products that may interest you or products similar to the ones that you have just watched, on the basis of your browsing schedule. The use of these cookies does not normally imply a direct processing of your data, but may make it possible to connect to your PC or other devices and track the stored data: these cookies are connected to the browser installed on your PC or other devices that you use while browsing the Website.

You may disable each profiling cookie by accessing the website


You may also disable all of the cookies stored on your hard disk by accessing the dedicated section in your browser, and following the instructions given for the specific browser you use:


The data controller of your data is Ermenegildo Zegna HOLDITALIA S.p.A., Via Roma 99/100, 13835 TRIVERO (BI), ITALY. The data controller has appointed the Privacy Manager responsible for procession of personal data by Data Controller. To request and obtain an updated list of the data processors, please click here.


By giving your consent with the banner you give your express consent to data controller for collection and procession of your cookies by data controllers for the purposes as described above. By giving your express consent you allow processing of your cookies, among other for any actions or series of actions such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, , updating, use and dissemination (distribution, realization, transfer), destruction of cookies, including with the use of information (automated) systems.


The data acquired through cookies shall be processed by

  • the employees and collaborators of the data controller and of the companies belonging to the same group of the latter, who will act as data processors and persons in charge of the processing,
  • the providers of technical and organizational services who will act as data processors,

The data acquired through cookies may be transferred abroad, including to countries outside the European Union, guaranteeing in any case protections and safeguards adequate to those provided by Ukrainian laws.

Your data will not be disseminated.


By accepting this privacy policy you are being notified on the Data Controller of your cookies, the list of cookies and the purposes of their procession and on your rights as prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On personal Data Protection", in particular:

¾ to be aware of the sources of collection, location of his/her personal data, the purpose of data processing, the address of the owner or processor of the personal data or to obtain the said information through his/her representatives;

¾ to obtain information as regards the conditions of providing access to personal data, in particular, information on third parties, to which his/her personal data are transferred;

¾ to access his/her personal data;

¾ to obtain a reply within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of his/her request, informing the individual whether his/her personal data are being processed and to receive the contents of such personal data'

¾ to provide the owner of personal data with the reasonable request to terminate processing of his/her personal data;

¾ to provide a reasonable request to change or destroy his/her personal data by any owner and processor of the personal data if the data is processed illegally or is inaccurate;

¾ to protect of his/her personal data from unauthorised processing and accidental loss, elimination or damage with respect to intended encapsulation, not providing or the untimely providing of personal data, and also to protection from providing invalid or discrediting information regarding the individual;

¾ to appeal violations in the course of personal data processing to the Ombudsman or to the court;

¾ to introduce limitations as regards rights on its personal data processing while giving the consent;

¾ to use the means of legal protection in the case of violation of rights to personal data;

¾ to revoke its consent on personal data processing;

¾ to be aware of the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data, and

¾ to be protected from the automated decision that has legal effect on it.

To exercise your rights, and to also use the above mentioned features, send a written notice to the Data Controller at the postal address indicated above or by clicking here.


Wording of consent banner

“The Website uses profiling and third party cookies to customize your browsing experience. To learn more about cookies and refuse your consent, click here . By continuing your browsing activity, scrolling the page or closing the banner you agree to our use of cookies”.