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The transmitter, USB cable and power bank must be removed before washing the garment or having it dry cleaned.


1. Disconnect the power bank from the USB cable connecting it to the transmitter. 


2. Disconnect the USB cable from the transmitter located inside the mesh chest pocket. 


3. The USB cable that connects the transmitter to the power bank must be removed from the slit where it is inserted. 


4. Remove the transmitter from the mesh pocket located below the smartphone charging pocket. After the garment has been cleaned, the transmitter must be inserted beneath the mesh pocket by placing the screen side (i.e. the light-colored side with shiny fabric) facing inward. Next, reconnect the transmitter to the power bank cord and connect the other end of the USB cable to the power bank to turn the device on.


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USB cable and power bank of your electric warming jacket | Zegna