Discover the exceptional quality of our signature knitwear. Transcend your seasonal wardrobe with luxurious knitwear of unrivalled softness and sophistication. Perfect for layering and elevating your everyday style.
Three men wearing ZEGNA outfits with yellow white and brown jumpers.
Born in Oasi Zegna

Oasi Cashmere

Two men wearing ZEGNA outfits in Cashseta with beige trousers and red and blue jumpers.
Cashmere Meets Silk


Two men wearing the ZEGNA 12MILMIL12 Australian wool knitwear collection with black garments.
Our Finest Yarn Ever


Yellow, white and brown folded jumpers from the ZEGNA knitwear collection.
Unrivalled Craftsmanship

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Modern layers, refined. With the unrivalled craftsmanship and elevated silhouettes that define ZEGNA, our most elegant knitwear include the world's finest yarns. Elevate your everyday look in our fine-gauge knits,  including 12MILMIL12, Oasi Cashmere and Cashseta.