José Mourinho, Head Coach of A.S. Roma, embraces his passions and purpose, while focusing on what’s ahead on the horizon. The esteemed football manager and leader joins our family of visionaries, known as the 232, defining new paths in life. "Tomorrow is not a destination, it’s a journey," he says," But when you know where you are heading, you will be free to follow your own path, and that will truly be A Path Worth Taking."
The 3-time Premier League champion José Mourinho wears the iconic Triple Stitch™ Sneaker made for comfort and modern ease. He gets dressed in a full Zegna look, complete with our contemporary Overshirt, to reflect his role as a confident professional. José Mourinho continually turns to the multifaceted Triple Stitch™ Sneaker to meet the versatile needs of his dynamic style of life.