Since 1910

Our Story

Ermenegildo Zegna started his company in the Northern Italian town of Trivero in 1910 with the dream of creating the most beautiful fabrics in the world. It has since grown into one of Italy’s best-known dynamic family businesses. The company is now led by the third generation with Gildo as CEO, Paolo as Chairman, and Anna as President of Fondazione Zegna. Today, the fourth generation has entered the company and continues to innovate.  
A family business that never ceases to be innovative | Zegna
A family business that never ceases to be innovative | Zegna
A family business that never ceases to be innovative | Zegna
This is our story. Since inception, Zegna has had an international vision. Our founder was ahead of his time. He sourced the best quality natural fibres directly from their country of origin, imported them to Italy to be expertly woven, and subsequently exported these luxury fabrics while promoting the Zegna brand worldwide. Ermenegildo’s brilliant business mind was not limited to his particular industrial field. He understood that the quality he sought for his products couldn’t be separated from a positive relationship with the local territory and the community. 
Building a dream: the creation of the lanificio wool mill | Zegna

Building a Dream

Ermenegildo Zegna founded his Lanificio wool mill in 1910 with the dream of creating the most beautiful fabrics in the world.
Creating a ready to wear men's clothing line | Zegna

Creating Menswear

Angelo and Aldo Zegna, second generation of the family, created luxury clothing that evolved into a ready to wear brand. They opened the first Zegna boutique in Paris in 1980.
Ermenegildo Zegna: a leading menswear industry | Zegna

Leading the Industry

Gildo and Paolo Zegna, third generation of the family, accelerated retail expansion for Zegna to become the world leader in luxury menswear.
Fabric production: honouring a hundred year-old legacy | Zegna

Honouring a Legacy

110 years later, the Lanificio wool mill continues to produce Zegna fabrics that remain one of Italy’s most acclaimed exports.
Our founder understood that the beauty of the natural environment and people’s well-being – and not just that of his own employees – were indispensable for a company aspiring to long term success. He wanted to make his hometown, and the world around, a better place. In the 1930s he built facilities including a modernist swimming pool, school, hospital and road to enrich the lives of people in his town. Ermenegildo also dared to launch an extensive reforestation project in the hills surrounding the Lanificio wool mill.  The Zegna family has kept alive the idea that product quality can only flourish when there is a ‘culture of beauty,’ a culture that must also respect the environment and local communities.  
Born as fabric makers, Zegna has evolved into ready-to-wear. Each generation of the family has been involved in consolidating Ermenegildo Zegna’s legacy, opening in 1980 its first boutique in Paris, followed by shops in London and Milan. When it opened its boutique in Beijing, in 1991, it was the first luxury menswear brand to open in China, continuing the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder. Ermenegildo Zegna is now the world leader in luxury menswear with a retail network that covers more than 500 stores in over 100 countries around the world. Zegna’s global expansion has been accelerated through a comprehensive strategy of verticalization including the purchase of the Achill Farm in Australia allows for fully integrated production of our Merino wool from sheep to shop. 
A world leader in the creation of luxury clothing for men | Zegna
Zegna continues the honour the legacy of our founder by adhering to three principles: setting long-term objectives, maintaining family ownership to ensure continuity, and following a sound ethical commitment enshrined in a rigorous corporate governance system. These ensure that the company stays true to the Ermenegildo Zegna’s vision set in 1910, while ensuring it constantly adapts to the needs of the modern consumer. 
A beauty couture designed to inspire the modern man | Zegna