Exotic oils and herbs play against the refined finish of rare Zegna ingredients in the six scents that make up the Essenze Eau de Parfum collection. Carefully crafted, each possesses a distinct character and depth, from crisp and bright to rich and refined, inspired by the luxury of our natural surroundings. 



A soft canopy of cypress, rosemary, and sage is introduced by Zegna’s exclusive Italian bergamot. The rich, luminous scent continues with the smoky, nutty texture of pine and is deepened by the sun-drenched warmth of amber and vanilla.  



This scent derives its name from Zegna’s exclusive Italian Bergamot, which is heightened by the energy of pepper. The refined crispness of rosemary and neroli weave aromatic mid notes as warm vetiver and Tonka bean provide a lush finish. 



Velvety and complex, the rich texture of Florentine iris is illuminated by the brightness of Zegna’s exclusive Italian bergamot. Violet and jasmine give the scent a crisp, modern air, while the boldness of musk brings a lasting woody intensity.



The sparkling citrus of Mediterranean neroli and the herbal freshness of tarragon illuminate the elegant warmth of saffron. While dark smoky incense provides a dramatic contrast; long-lasting, it is a powerful, sensual finish. 



A luxuriously dark and rich scent, Zegna’s exclusive Italian bergamot is set against the refreshing backdrop of opulent rose and patchouli. The intensity of oud is magnified by smouldering amber, completing this bold, masculine composition.



Aromatic cardamom, spicy pink pepper and Zegna’s exclusive Italian bergamot contrast the warm notes of coffee Santos and vanilla in this smooth, inviting scent. Further depth of character is provided by Virginian cedarwood and vetiver.