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My Zegna services: made to measure world
Your World of Made to Measure

My Zegna

Now more than ever, the modern man requires a reimagined wardrobe that adapts to his evolving lifestyle. One where his creativity and character are expressed through every stitch and fold, embodying total freedom of expression. Entirely built around you, Su Misura can create a unique look for all life's occasions, from tailored to casual, indoor to outdoor, and weekend to formal events. Extending beyond the classic suit and tie, now you can customise a complete wardrobe, including Luxury Leisurewear and our iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker crafted from your choice of the world’s finest materials.


Luxury Leisurewear

Made to Leisure: Reimagining the Modern Wardrobe

Made to Measure Tailoring​

Retailoring the Modern Man

Look to Su Misura to seamlessly elevate your every mood and every moment. Available across our global Zegna stores, your Made to Measure experience starts with a one-to-one meeting with a style advisor. The fabric, the style, the finishing touches: all are decided during your private appointment, as our unrivalled service captures the essence of your individuality while responding to your lifestyle. From here, your Su Misura creation will be seamlessly made in just a few weeks, from the time you place your custom order to final delivery. 
Your Personalised Wardrobe
Made to measure appointment | My Zegna

Elevate Your Style

This season, new icons are integrated into the Made to Measure collection including the overshirt that becomes a must-have alternative to the blazer. Now customisable, the Triple Stitch Sneaker remains an enduring icon that complements a versatile range of styles including denim, knitwear, leather jackets and joggers. Illuminating how Su Misura has evolved beyond just suiting, these modern wardrobe essentials transform the very idea of luxury to envision effortlessly wearable Made to Measure clothing and footwear.
Made to measure appointment | My Zegna
Your World of Made to Measure

My Zegna