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Our Wool Farm


ACHILLFARM™ is the crown jewel of Zegna. The purchase of the Australian farm represents a decisive step for Zegna to take direct responsibility for the production phase of one of its primary raw materials. This both reconfirms Zegna’s longstanding support of the wool industry and allows for fully integrated production of our ACHILLFARM™ Merino wool from sheep to shop. 10,000 miles from Italy, the farm is our home in West Australia. A place where we produce some of the world’s finest wool ourselves.
ACHILLFARM™ wool production | Zegna
ACHILLFARM™ wool production | Zegna
ACHILLFARM™ wool production | Zegna
The very best garments can only come from the best natural resources. And the best natural resources need to be cared for. The same way we care for people, so we do for animals and their home. Owning the Australian wool farm ensures the highest quality control over the materials and the end products. ACHILLFARM™ allows us to take an active approach to improve the quality of our wool: monitoring pasture lengths, recording the data of individual sheep and identifying those that produce the highest quality of wool.
Merino sheep graze in ACHILLFARM™ | Zegna

Our Wool Journey from Sheep to Shop

10,000 Merino sheep graze on the Australian grassland of ACHILLFARM™.
High grade fibers from Merino sheeps | Zegna


The fleeces of Merino sheep are shorn once a year to obtain the long, high-grade fibres.
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Lanificio Zegna Wool Mill

Founded in 1910, the Zegna Wool Mill continues to weave a selection of our fine textiles.
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The Global Retail Network

From our farms in Australia to mills in Italy—and finally to our stores worldwide.

ACHILLFARM™’s 2,500-hectare is home to about 10,000 Merino sheep, all of which are raised in the open according to modern breeding practices. It is here that herds quietly graze on the best of the Australian grassland. The conditions of the plains produce some of the most sophisticated fabrics in the world.


The output of the ACHILLFARM™ flocks are expertly woven to create a selection of our Ermenegildo Zegna tailoring, which bares a special label indicating the wool’s origin. This includes our #UseTheExisting suits made from natural discarded materials that have been reused with innovative processes. We continue to revolutionise our supply chain while honouring Zegna’s history of unparalleled fabrics.

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The World’s Finest Wool