Three models wearing Zegna's Triple Stitch™ sneakers for men in different colour variants
Born In Oasi Zegna

Triple Stitch™ Sneakers

Born in Oasi Zegna: every road and every path at ZEGNA starts from and leads to Oasi Zegna, including our icons. This season, the iconic Triple Stitch™ Sneaker continues to accomplish all the needs of a versatile everyday shoe celebrated for its softness, lightness and multifunctional wearability.
With each new season, the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker is reimagined in new colours and materials that continue to showcase our signature triple crossing-elastic detail for an easy slip-on fit, while bringing to mind the look of three hand-stitches traditionally featured on tailored jackets to symbolize and honour our heritage and craftsmanship.
Triple Stitch™ MRBAILEY® Sneakers for men in different variant colors

Triple Stitch™ MRBAILEY® Sneaker