Z Zegna TECHMERINO™ Wash&Go allows you to freshen your outfit in the comfort of your home, by washing in a domestic washing machine.

All Z Zegna TECHMERINO™ Wash&Go garments are made of a special merino wool that provides natural temperature control. The construction and materials of Z Zegna TECHMERINO™ Wash&Go garments allows them to be washed in cold water and on a delicate setting, without altering the wearability, performance or quality standards.


For an optimal result when washing the Z Zegna TECHMERINO™ Wash&Go suits, jackets, and coat, please use the dedicated case during the washing cycle (the jersey, bomber, and jogging trousers do not have the dedicated case, but please follow these same instructions). After washing and hanging the garment to dry, the item is ready to be worn, if you want a natural look. Or, if you prefer a more finished look, it can be lightly ironed. Z Zegna TECHMERINO™ Wash&Go garments can also be dry cleaned (except for the jersey). No tumble or spin-drying machine can be used.


Due to the nature of the Z Zegna TECHMERINO™ Wash&Go garments, please read and understand the following disclaimers prior to washing:


The washing, whether in washing machine or by hand, must be done in cold water, by using a delicate setting specific for wool, and at low temperatures (not more than 30° Celsius/86° Fahrenheit). Washing the garment with warm or hot water and/or on a non-delicate cycle, and/or using a clothing dryer will alter the garment’s performance. A more aggressive washing cycle may cause a premature ageing of the garment. In particular, washing machine temperatures above 30° Celsius/86° Fahrenheit may cause dimensional alterations, lining detachment and uncontrolled reactions of inner parts. It is recommended to not exceed washing temperature indicated.  


The number of spin cycle recommended is 400 rpm. If the washing machine does not have this speed, please adopt the lowest speed available.