Michel Rojkind for Ermenegildo Zegna UOMO fragrance

미첼 로킨드

멕시코의 선도적인 건축가. 현대 멕시코 사회의 새로운 도전 과제들에 적응하기 위한 디자인을 재정의하여 국제적인 호평을 받고있습니다.

"For me success relates to the way we have trained our minds and eyes to see our surrounding world and therefore interact as catalysts in any situation. My dream project would be any site in which the challenge would be how to add more in return, how can a building not seam detached but integrated? The most inspiring architecture in the world is Seagram’s Building in NY (Mies van der Rohe, and Phillip Johnson), Ciudad Universitaria U.N.A.M., Mexico City (Mario Pani amd Enrique del Moral) and Salk Institute, San Diego (Louie Kahn)."

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