Ermenegildo Zegna Couture时装秀
Spring Summer 2016


2016年春夏,Stefano Pilati创作的全新Ermenegildo Zegna Couture系列回归自然个性:非凡出众的传统剪裁,搭配独有的珍贵纤维材质,展现悠闲运动风格的同时流露细致优雅的夏日魅力。以流畅、透薄、轻盈,呈现当代男性时尚的新风范。


look 4/38

look 5/38

look 8/38

look 10/38

look 16/38

look 17/38

look 19/38

look 20/38

look 22/38

look 28/38

look 32/38

look 35/38

The orchestra of machines, the dimensions of the universe,
the monumentalism of architecture and the greens of the Oasi Zegna
defined the last shows - the new space for SS16 will be a minimal one.

Stefano Pilati

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