2014-2015 Catalogue


Reflecting the increasing diffusion of always-on technology and ready-for everything attitudes, Zegna Sport has evolved its design philosophy to accommodate even the most unpredictable circumstances.
The new Fall Winter 2014 collection features high versatility combined with advanced multi-functionality and transeasonal hybridization to create a new generation of intelligent urban sportswear backed by Zegna Sport’s trademark style.
With a strong focus on research-driven iconic projects and sustainability - first of all Techmerino and Icon Jacket, Zegna Sport wardrobe features an emotionally energizing exploitation of colors is seen within the rich, vibrant tones that characterize the collection, while added flair comes from the new twin-tonalities concept.
The result is a complete collection of urbanized sportswear that combines metropolitan style with clean versatile aesthetics, wearable technologies and transglobal functionality.

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